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Hyderabad Chamber of Small Traders & Small Industry.

Mr. Doulat Ram

President Hyderabad Chamber Of Small Traders & Small Industry.

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Before promulgation of the Trade Originations Act, 20L3, all the Traders & industrialists were members of the Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce and lndustry under the Trade Organization ordinances,1964. Since, there were no rules and regulations for the Traders & lndustrialist who were carry on their business by micro investment, hence there was mandatory forcedly to get membership of that Chamber. ln the binging all the issues of traders and industrialist were got solved out without any division, but as the time was passed, Corporate class controlled the chamber, they just focused on their own issue5, they were not taking any interest to solve the problems of the Associate class i.e small traders and small industrialist, because of this they (Small Traders and Small lndustrialist) were feeling inferiority complex.

Fortunately this division was felt onto the government level and by the legislation Trade Organization Act 2013 was come into force, Under which the small traders and small industrialist can struggle for their rights freely. Therefore after years straggle, in the light of bitter experience small traders arid industrialist were get together at different occasion and begins the struggle for the formation of Hyderabad Chamber of Small Traders and lndustry in the leadership of Mr. Muhammed Ameen Khatri, is a result of hard struggle and with financial and ethical help from Ex.Presidents of Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce lndustry, (Mr/s Muhammed Ameen Khatri, Haji Muhammed Yaqoob, Masood Pervaiz, Shafeeq Quraish and Saleem Umer) get the license from the Federal Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan in January, 2016, The struggle'of afterward is in the best knowledge of the Traders & lndustrialist as well as print & electronic media. The problems being faced by the business Community is solving day by day. I will request all the Traders and lndustrialist of District Hyderabad to cooperate- with chamber and get the membership so, we get our rights to work altogether.